Tea Party Sandwiches

What would a tea party be without those tiny tea party sandwiches! They have always been one of my favorite parts of a tea party and what I looked forward to the most.

There are different tea-party sandwich fillings, but there are some tricks to making the sandwiches. I was fortunate enough to be around some very talented tea party experts, who could create these sandwiches with no trouble at all.

I was always saddened that the only time these sandwiches were served was with an afternoon tea! They really are a treat.

Tricks to Tea Party Sandwiches

It seems not too many people take the time to make their sandwiches for an afternoon tea any more. Too bad – if you can make the time, they are really worth the effort. If not, you can always look up some one who specializes in catering tea parties for help.

Here are the tips to make a great sandwich, regardless of the filling.

    • Buying the Bread
    • This is KEY! You must find a grocer who makes the square white bread in long loaves. Once you have found him, ask him to cut the bread length wise instead of vertically for you. This will make your life much easier!

    • Color the Bread!
    • For a special treat –

Baby Showers

    •  are a must! Have your bread special ordered and colored. You can order blue, pink, yellow, mint green. This really creates an amazing display of these little treats

    • Working with your Bread Now that you have your bread, you must remove the crusts. Once that is done, you can begin. Regardless of your filling, you want to work with the bread flattened, do this with a rolling pin.
    • Rolling the Sandwich Once you have applied the filling to the entire bread surface, you are ready to roll! Roll long ways and you will have a nice long sandwich roll.
    • Keeping the Tea Sandwiches Fresh This is a trick I learned a long time ago. Once the sandwich is rolled, wrap the sandwich in a very lightly damped tea towel. Then wrap the entire roll in wax paper and tightly seal the ends by twisting them. Now put your sandwich roll in the fridge until you are ready to slice and serve.

These are the tricks to make the sandwiches just perfect! I hope you find this information useful.

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