Tea Party Centerpieces – Tea Party Decorations

To make your tea party really special, think about creating unique tea party centerpieces that go with the theme of your party! Tea Party Ideas for centerpieces and decorations to help you plan your next tea party with style and grace!

Tea Pot Centerpieces

Tea Party Decorations

You can get really creative with tea cups and tea pots as your centerpiece – especially if you are looking for a flower centerpiece.

In the photo above, the tea pot is carefully balance and the tea cup! Probably not the best idea if little ones are around, but it is striking.

Tea Party DecorationsAlso quite inexpensive to create! Just find a matching tea pot and tea cup and saucer and then a few flowers to top it all off. The white roses in the mustard colored tea pot really set it off. Try to stick with one colour of flower especially if the tea pot you use is patterned.

Lillie’s work really well too, and one large Lilly will fill your whole tea pot!

If your teapot is a single colour, don’t be afraid to go out to the garden and pick an assortment of flowers to create some garden wimsey for your table!

Tea Party Centerpiece Ideas

You can do lots of other centerpieces as well for your special tea party! Teddy Bear Tea Party РJust find a cute teddy bear, and get some balloons. Place your bear in the middle of the table on a beautiful china serving platter and tie the balloons to the bears paw! It is really cute!

Tea Party Tower Centerpiece¬†Scrounge around some thrift and second hand stores and find and assortment of tea cups and saucers. Find a fancy serving plate too! I recommend only 4 or 5 tea cups and saucers. Build a tower, gluing (use crazy glue!) the cups and saucers into a tower. You can make this a crazy tower by skewing the center of each tea cup and sacuer! Don’t build it too high, it wil topple on you.

I hope you liked these tea party center-piece ideas!

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