Sun Tea Recipe – How To Make Sun Tea!

Our Sun Tea Recipe is the best on the web and we want to share how to make Sun Tea with you.

Making Sun Tea is a really great activity for those who are enjoying those long summer days! When it’s too hot to boil the kettle and heat up the kitchen, you can always have a little fun and make some great sun tea with the power of the sun, a sun tea jar, and your favorite tea.

Traditional Sun Tea – How to Make Sun Tea

Traditional Sun Tea is just that, tea that has been left to steep in a sun tea jar in the hot sun for several hours. 3-5 hours is about average, and you can ajust this based on the intensity of the sun.

How to Make Sun Tea

It is really easy to do! You will need a large sun tea jar or container. It is really important that your sun tea jar is glass if possible. The container needs to hold 8 cups of water. Plastic sun tea jars are not recommended.

4-6 of your favorite Tea Bags, green and black tea work best, but you can use any tea bag you like, including herbal teas.

Place the water and the tea bags in the sun tea jar, place on the lid and leave in the Sun to brew and steep for 3-6 hours. You will know your tea is ready when the colour has reached the colour of tea as if it was brewed in a tea pot with boiling water.

Sun Tea tends to be a bit milder tasting than normal brewed tea.

Serve the tea over ice, or drink warm. You can sweeten to taste and a few wedges of lemon make a yummy drink on a lazy summer day.- Homemade Iced Sun Tea!!

Other Types of Sun Tea Recipes

You can make all different types of Sun Tea. Herbs work great for making Sun Tea. A few combos you can try are:

  • Strawberry Mint Sun Tea
  • Lemon Mint Sun Tea
  • Bergamont Sun Tea
  • Oregano Sun Tea
  • Basil Sun Tea
  • Lavendar Sun Tea
  • Lemon Balm Sun Tea
  • Spearmint Sun Tea

You can see that you could almost walk about the garden and see what is available and make your tea! Dandelion Tea, raspberry leaf tea, and parsley tea are also really popular herbal teas that are easily made into Sun Tea.

So have some fun and try making some Sun Tea today!

Sun Tea Jars & Containers

You can pick up inexpensive sun tea jars and containers at your local dollar store, or walmart. You can also ask your local deli if they have any of those big glass jars that pickles and deli eggs come in – those jars work perfect. Just remember, your sun tea jar needs to be glass, no plastics.

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