Recipes for English Tea Sandwiches

We have put together a great collection of recipes for English Tea Sandwiches or Tea Sandwich Recipes.

You will find some classics as well as a few twists. Tea Sandwiches are traditionally served with high tea and afternoon tea, but you can really serve them for any occassion.

These yummy little tea sandwich recipes will be the talk of your next tea party or gathering.

While they may take a little bit of time to create, these tea party sandwiches are worth every bit of effort.

Tea Sandwich Recipes

Each of these tea party sandwich recipes will open in a new window. Some of them are amazing, and recipes for a tea party are always great to have on hand.


  • Tea Party Sandwich Tips & Tricks – These are some great tips and tricks to make perfect tea party sandwiches every time. From keeping them fresh, preparing the bread, and storing. This is a must read page if you are considering making tea sandwiches.
  • English High Tea Recipes – There are some great traditional tea sandwich recipes on this site. Poppy seed, radishes, watercress and cucumber are just of few of the ingredients you will find in the different English Tea Sandwich Recipes on this site.
  • Afternoon Tea Party Recipes – Join in and try some of these excellent Tea Sandwich Recipes and Tea Party Menu Treats!. Devonshire Cream, Scones, Biscuits and more.
  • Victorian Tea Party Menu – This is a traditional Victorian Tea Party Menu – and all the recipes to go with the tea party menu items. Cherries Jubilee, Tea Sandwich Recipes, and lots more. No time to plan your tea party menu, this is all ready to go!


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