Parsley Tea – Health Benefits of Parsley

Parsley Tea – Learn all about parsley herbal tea, health benefits of parsley, how to grow parsley and tips on growing parsley and using it for herbal teas and health benefits.

Parsley tea is used for a variety of reasons. The herb parsley is very beneficial and we will cover the health benefits of parsley, how to grow parsley, parsley uses, and provide a recipe for a parsley herbal tea.

Parsley Uses

Parsley is most widely recognized as a garnish and as a spice for adding color and flavor to a variety of foods.

Most people view parsley as just that, a garnish, and don’t realize the many health benefits associated with parsley. There are several different kinds of parsly. Curly parsley, flat leaf parsley, italian parsley etc. They are all part of the same family and have the same growing needs and uses.

Health Benefits of Parsley

Parsley health benefits are actually quite something. Parsley is in the top 10 (actually top 7) of the most potent healing and disease fighting herbs of the world. What are the other top healing herbs & spices? They are pretty common and each one can be used to make a herbal tea. The top healing teas are ginger tea, oregano tea, cinnamon tea, tumeric tea, sage tea, and red pepper tea. Parsley is an amazing little plant and very under rated. Here are the top health benefits of parsley and parsley uses other than as a garnish!:

Parsley Tea – Health Benefits of Parsley

  • Parsley is a diuretic, helping you lose weight
  • Parsley is a uterine tonic, great for womens health
  • Parsley is inhibits cancerous tumour growth
  • Parsley can regulate the menstrual cycle
  • Parsley is an anti oxidant
  • Parsley is an anti bacterial
  • Parsley can eliminate bad breath
  • Parsley contains B12 – great for stress
  • Parsley contains vitamin C
  • Parsley contains high amounts of vitamin K
  • Parsley is a blood purifier
  • Parsley can reduce cholesterol
  • Parsley can balance womens hormone levels
  • Parsley is high in iron
  • Parsley is a digestive aid
  • Parsley can neutralize certain carcinogens(cigarettes)

The benefits of parsley are far reaching, so we all need to incorporate more of this herb into our diet. It is very easy to grow, and here are some tips.

How to Grow Parsley

Parsley TeaParsley is native to the Mediterranean, however it is now a widely cultivated herb. It is quite easy to grow parsley as long as you follow a few tips. It would be classed as an ‘easy to grow’ herb, not much skill required.

Parsley is a biennial. Meaning that it will flower and go to seed in its second year in the garden, so you replant every 2nd year to continue to enjoy fresh home grown parsley all the time. It does well in a cool environment, and not in full sunlight in the hot days of summer.

To ensure a good harvest of parsley, make sure the soil can retain moisture or mulch it well. Parsley does not like dry sandy soil, but a rich, moist environment.

If you are growing parsley from seed, it takes 3 weeks or longer to germinate, but parsley plants are usually available in your local garden center or nursery.

Growing parsley is not limited to a garden and does well in pots as long as the soil is rich and can retain water. Prepare to water frequently if you use a clay pot as they tend to dry out the soil.

Parsley Tea Recipe

Making Parsley herbal tea is quite easy. Harvest your parsley or use organic parsley and follow these instructions:

  • 1 teaspoon parsley – dried or 2 teaspoons fresh parsley
  • 8 ounces of boiled water

Steep the parsley tea for up to 10 minutes. Your tea will take on a vibrant green color an is ready to drink. You can also use the parsley herbal tea to flavor dishes such as rice and potato dishes.

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