Iced Tea Tips – Making Iced Tea

Everyone loves Iced Tea, so I put together a few Iced Tea Tips & Tricks to make sure that you serve up the best tall refreshing glass possible.

It is not as simple as everyone thinks to make a perfect glass of iced tea.

There are lots of factors to consider from the type of tea, the water, sugars and sweetners, garnishes, and storing the tea. These things all affect how good your tea tastes.

Choosing Your Iced Tea Ingredients

It all starts with the ingredients. Find organic teas, loose leaf is possible and use this as your base. The water is also of the utmost importance.

If you use a low quality tap water, you will taste it in your results. If you have poor water quality, use bottled water to make your tea.

Adding sugar and sweetening your iced tea needs to be done with a simpley syrup. This will avoid sugar crystals in the served tea. See our recipe for a Simple Syrup Here

Iced Tea – Steeping Time

Don’t let those leaves steep too long, results will be a bitter batch of tea. Read the directions and stop the steep a little sooner rather than later. The tea will become a little more bitter as it cools.

Adding Herbs Spices & Juice to Iced Tea

If you are using herbs, spices or adding fruit juice, fresh is always best.

If you use juice from a tin, the result will be poor. Try to find fresh juice and herbs to use in your recipes.

Store your Iced Tea in a Glass Container

Plastic and metal containers will spoil your tea in no time. Plastics absorb and release tastes and odours. Metal is just plain wrong for storing your iced tea, it will take the taste of the metal container on very quickly.

Also, seal your container. Odours from the fridge will find their way in if you don’t.

Don’t forget the ICE

Bad ice cubes can ruin the best glass of ice tea. Make sure your ice is fresh and you won’t have that problem.

Iced Tea Garnishes

Often lemons, herbs, and even flowers are used as garnishes when serving iced tea. Garnish at the last moment possible to avoid a soggy mess. If you have left over tea and you are going to store it, remove all garnishes befor placing the tea in a glass container with a tight fitting lid.

Storing Iced Tea

Drink your tea within 24 hours for best results, any longer and it will be quite bitter. Remeber to always store the tea in a glass container.

I hope your find these iced tea tips and tricks useful. If you have any tips to add, please send them along and I will post them.

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