Hops Tea

Hops tea may sound a little weird as hops herbs are associated with making beer to most people.

The hops plant which is really a vine is actually quite easy to grow in North American gardens and quite hardy and fast growing. Hops plants are a deciduous vine which return to enchant you year after year. The flowers are white and the hops vine is a great addtion to any tea garden.

The flowers have a sweet citrus flavor and are rich with antibiotic properties. Hops has traditionally been used to relieve tension, stress, anxiety and help get a good nights sleep. It is also used to increase breast milk production in nursing mothers.

Hops Tea Recipe

Hops Tea - Buy HopsMaking tea with hops is quite simple as are most herbal tea infusions. Here is how to make the tea:

  • 1 heaping teaspoon organic hops flower
  • 8 ounces boiling water

Now to get the full benefit of the tea, you have to let this steep for at least 4 hours. If a weeker tea is preferred, you can steep for just a few minutes. Strain before drinking the tea.

Hops are often blended with the following herbs when making herbal tea:

One of the biggest benefits for using hops as a sleep aid, is you wake feeling refreshed. It does not leave you groggy or cloudy in the head.

Buying Hops

Where to buy hops can be a problem. We use Mountain Rose Herbs and they offer certified organic hops for making tea. We recommend them regardless of if you are increasing breast milk supply or trying to get a restful sleep. You can buy small and large quantities and up to a 40% discounet if you buy in bulk.

Where to Buy Hops Herbal Tea

There are several commercial teas which contain hops as well as other herbal ingredients such as valerian. We do recommend that you brew your own, however if you are looking for convenience, sometimes a tea bag is the best way to go. Here are the most popular hops commercial teas.

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