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The Zarafina Tea Maker is a top seller in the electric tea maker category and for good reason. This is one of the better electric tea makers on the market today. It has some great features and is stylish by design. If you own one, or know some one who has one, I am sure you know what I mean

Zarafina has been making electric tea makers for several years, so this is also not a new venture for them. Many of the tea makers on the market do not brew a cup or pot of tea as well as the Zarafina.

Tea Maker Review - Zarafina

The Zarafina Electric Tea Maker is sleek in design and looks fabulous on a kitchen counter in almost any style kitchen.

It has stainless steel accents, giving it a classy look.

It brews 16 ounces of your favorite tea at a time, and has a tea strength variable allowing you to select your favorite strength of brewed tea. The water reservior is cleanable. - this is one of my personal favorite features in the Zarafina Electric Tea Maker - being able to clean the water reservoir is a great feature.

It will brew tea bags or your favorite loose teas and herbal teas too.

It includes a ceramic tea pot - designed to work with the tea maker and two stylish ceramic tea cups and a tray. Serve your guests with a little style! You need to buy the Zarafina Tea Maker Suite with Ceramic Tea Pots, Cups, and Serving Tray to get the extras (teapot, cups and serving tray)

This electric tea maker has excellent consumer ratings and is one of the best rated tea makers on the market today. Though it is a little more money than some, this machine is well worth the price. There are variable settings for steep time and water temperature allowing you to brew up a delicious spectrum of teas. (So important to use the right temperature when brewing the green teas and the white teas.

The Zarafina is the top rated tea maker on the market today

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