Yixing Chinese Tea Pots

Types of Yixing Teapots


What are Yixing Chinese Tea Pots?

Yixing teapots date back to the Sung Dynasty in China (960 -1279). The distinct purple clay that makes these beautiful pots was first mined from Lake Taihu during this time.

The yixing teapots continued to gain popularity for their beauty and other qualities during the Ming and Qing Dynasties from 1573 - 1911. The clay can be found in the Yixing area which is 120 miles north west of Shanghai.

When loose tea was first shipped to European communities, the Yixing Pots were also shipped and started a tradition that continues today.

The yixing teapots were praised and adored and became a form of artware for collectors early on and continue to be collectable today. There is an excellent book available on the Yixing Style Tea Pot and if you want to collect these beauties, it is a recommended read and addition to your collection. The book itself is a prized posession.

Once you have one of these little teapots, you won't want to give it up!

Yixing Clay Properties

There are some very interesting characteristics of the Yixing clay that make using it for tea pots ideal.

The clay is very porous which allows it to absorb an amount of tea every time you brew a pot. It is said that if you use the little pots long enough, and enough tea is absorbed into the clay, you can brew a pot by just adding the hot water!

I haven't tried this, but it is a very intersting concept.

The pots are unglazed but fired. When Yixing clay is fired it has a very low shrinkage rate and allows for a very tight fitting lid to be made for each pot. The tight fitting lid is crucial to the making of a great pot of tea.

Yixing clay also has a very low thermal conductivity rate, keeping your tea really warm naturally. Allowing for the tea to stay warm for longer periods of time.

There are three natural colors of mined Yixing clay. Purple, Cream or Buff, and a Cinnamon Red. Pots can be made in other colors by mixing a combination of these three organic colors or by adding minerals that amend the color of the clay.

Yixing Clay Pots

Yixing Tea Pot

The pots them selves are traditionally very small. And it was not uncommon to have a little pot for one on the go at all times. The little tea cups that are produced with the tea pots are also very small so you could drink tens to more than a hundred cups a day and still not be deemed to be over induldging.

The making of the Yixing Tea Pots is a craft, and apprentices train under masters for many years to learn the aspects of creating these pieces of art. Each pot is made by hand and turned on a traditional potters wheel then fired.

You can find these tea pots with very interesting and detailed designs and motifs.

Yixing Chinese Tea Pots are deemed to be far superior to any other type of tea pot available. They are a must have for the real tea connesieur and brew a superior cup of tea.

Buy Yixing Chinese Tea Pots Online

Teavana has well priced Yixing Pots and there is also a Collectors Section on their site with some amazing pots, but as they are collectable due to age and dynasty, the price is reflects their status.

Make sure you purchase your Yixing Chinese Tea Pot from a reputable dealer like Teavana so you know it is authentic.

There are yixing teapots in many styles. You can find one to suit almost any persons decor and style. Some are sleek and smooth, while other designs may incorporate animals, mythical creatures, and dragons. The colors and style make these little tea pots unique. The are very collectable. Here are some more styles to give you an idea of the range of selection when buying a yixing tea pot.

More Yixing Style Tea Pots

You can find great deals on Yixing Style tea pots on ebay. Here is what is being sold right now!

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