Yixing Tea Pots from China

by Calvin
(Toronto Canada)

Has anyone got a Yixing Tea Pot from China?

Does it really do what they say and carry the taste of the tea in the clay?

I really want to get one, but I would like to know what others have to say before I spend the money in case it is a gimmick.

Also, how do you know if the pot is authentic? Some are quite inexpensive and others seem to be very expensive. If anyone knows why there is such an extreme difference in prices of these little pots I would be interested to know.

Are the cheap ones fake? If anyone knows of a great place to get a real one online please let me know.

If you have a Yixing, please share your thoughts, they really seem like a great addition to a tea lovers collection.

Thanks a lot, I really hope someone can help me.

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Nov 02, 2009
Yixing - Tea Pots
by: Hannah

Yixing teapots do absorb flavors of the tea, and brew great pots of tea. From research of other sites, all of which I own Yixing teapots from, and can vouch for their great tea-making abilities here are my top sites for all tea-ware:
Tiger mountain tea Co.
Enjoying tea
The tao of tea

I hope this helps!

Apr 21, 2008
Yixing Tea Pots Really Make Better Tea
by: teaguy

Yes, Yi xing pots really do work better, depending on what tea you are brewing in them. Yi Xing is an area in China north of Shanghai that has very good quality clay, which is used to make the best tea pots for Chinese teas (generally speaking). The clay from that region is also used to make lots of cheap teapots as well, so you are right to check out a pot thoroughly before buying. If you're not a 'tea nerd' but want to brew better tea, don't go too expensive on a first pot. I've never bought a teapot online, but would be willing to help you out if you can give more advice about your tea drinking habits, preferred teas, etc. My blog is at, and if you contact me there I could possibly help you find a good pot (or 2?) here in Taiwan and send them to you.

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