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Yerba Mate studies are a little difficult to find as are most independent studies of a non-pharmaceutical product. The reason? Simple, there is no money to be had by the pharmaceutical companies for doing research on a non-pharmaceutical product.

We have put together a chronological list of studies that have been performed on the benefits of Yerba Mate and a summary of the findings. We will continue to update this information as more studies are published.

Yerba Mate Studies and Findings

2006 – Jorge Weil, MD – Yerba Mate & Memory

“Among other valuable phytonutrients, Yerba Mate contains practically all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life, including vitamins A, E, B-complex and C. In addition, it contains 15 different amino acids and significant amounts of magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, manganese, phosphates, zinc, niacin, sulfur, chlorophyll, choline and inositol.”

2005 – Life Science – Yerba Mate Compared to Red Wine and Green Tea

This was a comparative study of three beverages with the highest polyphenol contents and proven antioxidant properties: mate (Ilex paraguariensis); green tea (Camelia sinensis) extracts and white and red wines. The findings are as follows: "Taken together, our results indicate that when the herbal preparations studied here are prepared the way they are usually drunk, Mate displays the highest inhibition of protein nitration, and the highest promotion of cell survival, whereas green tea or red wines display significant but lesser effects at the same concentrations."

2005 – University of Illinois – Yerba Mate Studies & Cancer

This study has shown Yerba Mate to exhibit “significant caner fighting abilities”. Yerba made is rich in phenolic consituents and this study was done on inhibiting oral cancer cell growth.

2002 – US Patent Application – Yerba Mate & Mood Disorders

An application was made for a patent in 2002 that cited Yerba Mate as having the ability to inhibite monoamine oxidase activity, making it a useful treatment for a wide spectrum of disorders and illnesses such as depression, mood disorders, emotional disorders, Parkinsons’s, eating disorders, substance abuse including withdrawl from nicotine and substance abuse.

1999 – Switzerland – Yerba Mate & Weight Loss

This study was performed to determine if Yerba Mate had a direct impact on weight loss. It was determined that Yerba Mate has a thermogenic effect on humans and as a result there was an increase of fat burned as energy.

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