Want Unlimited Energy? Drink Yerba Mate!

Mate Tea - Mate Gourd

Yerba Mate Tea is the king of all kings when it comes to livening up your body with tons and tons of energy. Mate Tea or Yerba Mate is traditionally drank from a Mate Gourd. It is a fascinating tea, and here is some informatin a to why it is so beneficial.

Mate Tea Benefits

One of the main problems in society today is a very big deficit of B vitamins, which are essential to energy. Well guess what folks - Yerba contains ample amounts of B-complex, B1, B2, B3, and B5!

Of course it has many other vitamins which will be mentioned later, but for now you should just know that when Native Indians of South America (where it's grown) went on long journeys, the only source of food they brought with them was Mate Tea leaves!

Anyway, let's get along with the benefits of Mate Tea.

Also known as "mate", this tea can be considered the national drink of Argentina. It a darker type of tea, so coffee drinkers would probably love it.

Benefits of Mate Tea

If you're in need for an energy booster, don't go out and buy those energy drinks which are loaded with sugar. Go for something natural, like yerba!

In regards to energy, it plays many roles. Some of them include delaying lactic acid buildup, improving motor responses, and it also improves memory and concentration.

It also plays an important role in sexual energy because it stimulates the adrenal cortex, which releases sex hormones in your body. It also helps in this role through the various nutrients it contains.

Nervous System and Weight Loss

The multitude of nutrients this great plant contains does much more than give you energy.

For example, pantothenic acid boosts metabolism, breaks down cholesterol, fatty acids and steroids. It also helps the body utilize carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and vitamins. This acid is also responsible for activating your adrenal cortex, which I've mentioned earlier.

As well as help you lose a little weight, which we all know is great for your body, it does much more.

For example, it's a great tonic for your nervous system and spine which in itself will also give you much more energy. After all, your spine is literally the support system for your body and one of the most important pieces in maintaining great energy.

It's also a great stress buster because of its great supply of Vitamin C and various B vitamins - both of which are crucial for fighting stress.

Guess what happens when you have less stress? You guessed it - You end up with more energy!

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  • There are many ways in which Mate Tea is both beneficial to your body and can give you the energy to get through the day with ease. However, unless you try it you'll never know just how powerful it can be.

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