Wu Yi Tea

Diet Tea

Wu Yi Tea has become a rage for those looking for slimming teas, diet tea and weight loss teas. Wu yi is typically sold stating that it will help you loose weight fast, with no dieting or exercise required! That is quite the claim, and here is why they make it.

Wu Yi Slimming Tea & Wu Yi Diet Tea

Wu Yi claims are easy to find on the internet and it is being sold in huge quantities.

Wu Yi is actually a form of Oolong tea and is grown in the Wu Yi region of China. So for many, it is simply Chinese Oolong tea being sold under the name Wu Yi for the region in which it is grown. Oolong teas are a cross or blend of green and black teas. Oolong teas are semi oxidized and have been proven to increase the bodies metabolism by as much as 12% in clinical studies.

This is why Wu Yi is sold as a slimming or diet tea. By increasing your bodies metabolism, you burn more calories and loose weight! It is just that simple.

Cost of Wu Yi Diet Teas

If you are looking for the best quality Wu Yi, expect to pay a premium. It is actually quite expensive and the first flush or picking of the tea harvesting season is the most expensive. Tea sellers can demand huge prices for first flush wu yi. Now to not put you off the cost of the tea, it is relatively inexpensive when compared to other diet and weight loss supplements. Typically a 30 day supply of best quality Wu Yi or Oolong will cost about $40 us dollars a month.

You can find Wu Yi and Oolong advertised for much less, but it may be of poor quality and you will not get the results you are looking for if it is being used as a diet or slimming tea.

Buy Wu Yi Online

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Peach Oolong

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Formosa Oolong #8

Ti Kuan Yin Oolong

Darjeeling Oolong

Pouchong Oolong

WuYi Ensemble

Oolong Sampler

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