Wu-Yi Tea - The diet tea!

Wu-Yi Tea to aid in loosing a few pounds! There are lots of teas on the market today that claim to help you loose weight by drinking tea some do, some don't, but you should give Wu Yi Tea a try.

The thing to remember is helps you to loose weight. It won't necessarily do it on it's own. So, like most diet supplements, you have to eat a sensible diet and excercise to see the results you want to achieve.

Types of Wu Yi Tea

There are three different types of Wu Yi Teas, they all come from the Wuyi Mountains located in the Fujian Province of the north-western part of China. So Wu Yi is in fact a Chinese Tea.

The three different types of Wu Yi are:

  • Wu Yi Green Tea
  • Wu Yi Oolong Tea
  • Wu Yi Black Tea
  • The different types are of course determined by the processing of the tea leaves, with green tea being the least processed, oolong tea being a mix and black tea being fully oxidized.

    Does Wu Yi Tea Work?

    There have been several studies around the effectiveness of Wu Yi Tea and weight loss.

    It can indeed help most people to loose weight, but there is the oddball in every pot, and some of us may loose little weight or gain a few pounds.

    All teas contain caffeine and will give you a metabolism boost, Wu Yi is the same. An increased metabolism will help you to loose weight. So drinking tea in theory can help you to loose those few extra pounds.

    Personally, I have tried several of the tea diets and tea supplements to loose weight and they have all worked for me to shed 5-15 pounds. I also find that they curb the appetite, but this is not so for everyone.

    Wu Yi Tea Sources

    If you want to try some Chinese Wu Yi, make sure you get it from a reputable source. You want to make sure you are getting the real thing.

    Free Oolong Tea Offer

    Free Oolong Tea

    For more information about Wu Yi, visit our Wu Yi Information page.

    WuYi Tea - Chinese Tea

    Wuyi Shuixian - Wuyi Shuixian - This dark tea is known as “Water Sprite” or Narcissus oolong. Each type of Wuyi tea creates a unique bouquet. The full oxidation brings out this tea’s special attributes. These long twisted leaves have been cherished for centuries as one of China’s famous tribute teas. This variety combines its flowery taste with a deep amber cup. A robust morning tea that aids digestion. Use 180 to 185 degree water for short steeps of one or two minutes to bring out the fine balanced flavors and subtle orchid tastes.Buy It Now $12.00 (2oz)

    Wu Yi Weight Loss Tea

    Rougui Wuyi Wulong Oolong - This Wu-Yi tea has some really nice tastes and is sweet and uplifting. The medium roast preserves a green airy taste. It is very nice and infuses three of four times. Great for a reforming coffee drinker. Try this classic and true rock tea.Buy it Now for $12.00 (2oz)

    I hope you enjoyed this information about Wu-Yi Tea and it helps you to shed a few unwanted pounds.

    Best WuYi Oolong's To Try

    Grapefruit Oolong

    Vanilla Oolong

    Peach Oolong

    Jasmine Oolong

    Formosa Oolong #8

    Ti Kuan Yin Oolong

    Darjeeling Oolong

    Pouchong Oolong

    WuYi Ensemble

    Oolong Sampler

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