White Tea Antioxidant


White Tea Antioxidant

White tea, green tea, black tea, herbal tea it can all be so confusing in determining which one is best for our over all health.


Herbal Teas don't really count as it is absolutley dependant on the type of tea or herbal infusion you are drinking and there are just so many to choose from. Also, herbal tea typically has no 'tea' in it, it is herbs.

Green Tea is the tea everyone typically looks to for antioxidant benefits, and Black Tea has the least amount of antioxidant properties of the three main types of tea, white, green and black.

Antioxidant & Caffeine Comparison in Tea

Highest to Lowest Antioxidant Levels

Highest to Lowest Caffeine Level

White Tea
Black Tea
Green Tea
Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea
Green Tea
Black Tea
White Tea

You can see from the chart above that White Tea not only has the highest antioxidant level of different teas, but it also has the lowest caffeine level making it a power house when it comes to over all health benefits.

Some research indicates that the antioxidant level in White Tea is as much as 3 times that of Green Tea.

Antioxidants can rid our bodies of free radicals and boost our immune system to fight off disease and detox. Some research also indicates that white tea, unlike green, has the ability to destroy certain viral disease cells and cancers. Green tea studies indicate that it is able to defend against these illnesses, but does not have the ability to destroy the cells.

The Detox Box

With all this research and findings, you would think more people would be aware of White Tea and its ability to fight and kill disease within our body.

The main reason of it's increased abilities are the lack of processing in white tea, it is just steamed and packaged, vs the processing in the other teas. Green Tea is also steamed, but there is some processing beyond that in the rolling and further drying of the leaves.

White Tea is also harvested pre bloom, where as the others are harvested after the tea plants have bloomed. That is why you see the white fuzz on the leaves, they are really baby tea leaves, yet to mature. Mature leaves are what makes the green and black variety.

So if you are looking for a powerhouse of a tea with amazing Health Benefits then White Tea may be just what you were looking for.

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