Can White Tea Really Have More Germ-Fighting Antioxidants Than Green Tea?

White tea is going to be the new green tea once everybody catches on to the amazing health benefits it produces. Like all teas, it comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. The only differences between different types of tea is where it's grown, at what point they pick the leaves, and what they do with the leaves to dry them so they can then be placed in hot water and drank. Some people refer to it as White Green Tea.

The whites got their name from the fine white hairs it still possesses when the buds are picked from the plant. Like green tea, it undergoes almost no processing and no fermentation, leaving all the natural antioxidants to do the rest. One difference it has from all other teas is that it's the only tea which is picked and harvested before it is fully-bloomed, which is why the small white hairs still cover the tea as it's picked.

White has a similar taste to green tea, but a bit lighter and sweeter. It should be steeped in water that is of less than boiling temperature for maximum flavor. Visit our How to Make White-Tea section for detailed instructions

Some argue that Chinese Organic Whites are the only true whites available. The region that the Chinese Whites are grown determines the naming of the tea.

Another benefit over that of green tea is that is has a little bit less caffeine and can be easier on the stomach. We also use it as a diet tea.

While green tea contains about 25mg per serving, white is one of the lowest with only 10-15mg per serving. Compared with coffee which has over 100mg, thats a big difference!

White Tea Health Benefits are many of the same benefits enjoyed by drinking green tea, except the whites are more powerful and have the ability to kill certain viral cells and diseased cells where as green tea has the ability to defend against sickness and disease.

White Tea Facts will provide you with more interesting facts about this rare and unique tea.

Being that this tea is picked so early on in the growing process, and is left almost completely in it's natural state, it contains the most polyphenols (antioxidants) of any tea out there. Yes, even more than green tea! The reason it contains more polyphenols is because it undergoes virtually no oxidizing, which leaves 100% of the polyphenols in tact. One of my favorites is White Tea with Acai. This is a great combo of two powerhouses! You get twice the kick than just a white alone. Be sure to read the article!

White Sampler

White Sampler

Discover the world of difference between supermarket tea and the gourmet varieties found in this set. A nice introduction to white teas from China. Four tins in total, one ounce apiece.

As you can see, this amazing tea offers more than just great taste, these benefits also come at a low price! But don't go for the grocery store "in bag" sets of tea - you need the real stuff to get the full effect of these health benefits!

Healthy White Teas -

An important part of brewing any tea is having a good background on how to brew it correctly. Here are some important tips for brewing the whites. Another great article on our site contains information about Chinese Varieties of White Tea. It is a great read for those interested in learning more about the fuzzy leaf tea.

We have put together our favorite whites offered from top suppliers around the world for you to buy right from our site. Visit our Tea Store for White Blends and Fusions. You will find a great assortment of loose tea for sale including fruit and berry white infusions.

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