When to drink Rooibos Tea

by Sanjiv Kumar
(India, New Delhi)

Hi am 36 years Old, Hiegh 5.5", quiet fatty, i have started drinking rooibos teas at bed times. I developed the symtoms of watery motions in early mornings. Is there anything wrong by drinking rooibos tea at nights.

Please advise whats the best time to drink rooibos tea !!

Many Thanks

Hi thanks for the question about rooibos tea. Though I am not certain that I understand your question? Watery motions? I don't understand I am afraid.

If you are saying that you have watery bowel movements, yes this can be caused by rooibos tea, though everyone tends to react a little differently to herbal teas.

Rooibos is a cleansing tea and can cause loose bowel movements. It is nothing to be concerned about however, it is just moving things along.

Hope this helps, and if I have not answered your question, please let me know.


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