Westbend Ice Tea Maker

Westbend Ice Tea Maker is available at many retail outlets and online.

Westbend Ice Tea Maker There is nothing better than a tall cool glass of homemade ice tea on a hot summer day. You can make your own ice tea at home and save some of your hard earned money as well as doing something that is good for your body!

Westbend makes many household appliances, and the ice tea maker is one of their newer appliances.

Iced Tea Maker Features - Westbend

  • Automatic Shut Off
  • 2 Quart Capacity
  • Finishes Cycle in less than 10 Minutes

There are some negative reviews on this unit. A few people have said it is easily stained, uses a ton of ice, and does not make enough tea.

But lots of reivewers just love it too! Like any household appliance, some will love it and some won't.

Worth a try as it is in the lower price range.

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