Weight Loss Tea

by Miguel Sosa Sr.
(Houston TX U.S.A)

Tea Question

Want to lose about 20 lbs.Is green tea suitable for this loss of weight.How can I apply this tea to the loss of weight or what tea is suitable for the weight loss.Hope to hear from you Teya.

Hello, and thank you for the question. I have lost perhaps 15 pounds using green tea as my main stimulant. Green tea increases the metabolism and gets your body burning fat. Ooling teas are also great for this.

Black tea, not so much. So I would give it a try!! It really helped me. It is the increase in metabolism that assists in the weight loss process. You still need to change your diet and excercise with the green tea. This is how you will get to your desired goal of losing 20 pounds. Drink the green tea before and with each meal. It took about two weeks to notice the change in metabolism for me - but then it just skyrocketed my weight loss. It literally fell off. But I did reduce carb intake and was excercising 3 times a week. The actual tea I used is the oolong tea I offer for sale on this site,

Hope this helps, good luck!

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