Vitex Herb - PMS Tea


Vitex Herb

Vitex, commonly known as Chasteberry as well as Monk’s Pepper, was once thought to lower libido and was often chewed by monks to help them keep their vow of celibacy; Vitex since has been found to not affect sex drive.

The Vitex tree is native to the Mediterranean area and Europe but can also be found as an ornamental plant in the United States. The berry of the Vitex is what is most commonly used even though they contain the least amount of flavonoids in the entire plant.

Vitex reacts slowly in the body and it is suggested to use Vitex for 6 weeks to 3 months medicinally before you are able to see the effects. Vitex is available in the berry form, teas, oils and tinctures as well as capsule form.

Vitex Tea

Vitex tea is prepared by steeping 1 teaspoon of ripe berries in 8 ounces of boiling water for 10 minutes.

Vitex Uses & Herbal Remedies

Vitex is used most often to treat PMS symptoms, complaints associated with menopause and infertility in women.

Vitex is thought to be effective in treating depression as it increases dopamine production.

Vitex decreases the production of prolactin, a hormone involved in lactating and can be taken to ease breast pain in women who do not choose to breastfeed after a birth or have chosen to wean.

Vitex is thought to be effective in treating migraine headaches.

Vitex is often used in women with PCOS and to promote hormone regulation and increase fertility.

Vitex Cautions & Dangers

Vitex can affect hormone levels and should not be used during pregnancy and may interfere with the efficacy of birth control pills.

Avoid using Vitex if you are using a prescription pills for dopamine such as selegiline, amantadine, and levodopa.

Vitex decreases the production of prolactin, a hormone involved in lactating and should not be taken by breastfeeding women.

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