Valerian Root Tea

This article is about Valerian Root Tea. Valerian root has been used as a herbal remedy for 100's of years and valerian tea is popular for a variety of conditions and ailments.
The use of valerian root can have side effects, though used with caution and common sense, valerian is a safe herb for the most part.

There are several commercially branded teas on the market that contain valerian. We always recommend that you learn how to make valerian tea or any other herbal tea without having to buy commercially made varieties, but it is an option if you have no time or do not want to learn how to make herbal tea at home.

Valerian Root Benefits

Valerian root has many benenfits and is most widely known for its mild tranquilizing properties. Valerian root can ease away stress, help with depression, assist with insomnia and is an overall relaxing herb. It is often combined with other herbs with similar qualities. Chamomile is often blended with valerian for a before bed time tea.

Here are the common benefits of valerian.

Valerian Root Tea

  • Valerian Root is a sedative
  • Valerian Root can help you get a good sleep
  • Valerian Root can treat anxiety
  • Valerian Root can treat depression
  • Valerian Root can relieve stress headaches
  • Valerian Root is a tranquilizer
  • Valerian Root is a digestive aid
  • Valerian Root is used to treat ADD
  • Valerian Root is can ease tension & stress

As you can see, valerian root is a very soothing and calming herb. It has been used as a tranquilizer for many hundreds of years.

Valerian Root Side Effects

There are some side effects noted with excessive or chronic use of valerian that you should be aware of. Though these side effects are not a concern with occasional use.

  • Night Terrors
  • Increased Depression
  • Headache
  • Stomach Ache

The night terrors are what scare me the most, so use caution and don't over do it. A standard doseage if using capsules or a cup of valerian tea before bed (30 minutes) is usually enough to do the trick.

Also, valerian should be used to try to break the cycle of sleeplessness, or reduce anxiety and depression. Once you have the desired results, take a break. Do not use on a regular basis is our recommendation. There are some that say no harm in continued useage, but I have found that my body adapts, and I don't get the same calming and tranquil effects if I continue to drink valerian tea without taking a break.

How to Make Valerian Root Tea

We have an excellent article on the history and herbal attributes associated with valerian. There is a section with a recipe so you can learn how to make valerian tea at home. You can get the recipe here.

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