Valerian Root Side Effects

This article is about valerian root side effects and will help you have a safe experience when using valerian root and if you are drinking valerian tea.

Valerian Side Effects

There are several documented valerian root side effects that are associated with the herb valerian and valerian root. Regardless of the form of valerian you use, like caplets, or valerian tea, these are all side effects you should be aware of.

Herbs, just like prescription medicines, can have different reactions within each of us. This is why some people react differently and can experience some of the valerian side effects we are noting below.

Valerian Facts & Side Effects

The following side effects have been noted and documented (wikipedia and other resources). These side effects can typically appear with high dosages or consumption. (Over 500mg of valerian root).

valerian root tea

  • Valerian Root can cause stomach aches
  • Valerian Root can cause apathy
  • Valerian Root can cause mental dullness
  • Valerian Root can cause mild depression
  • Valerian Root can cause dizziness
  • Valerian Root can cause drowsiness
  • Valerian Root can cause anxiety
  • Valerian Root can cause night terrors
  • Valerian Root allergies can cause rashes
  • Valerian Root allergies can cause hives
  • Valerian Root allergies can cause difficulty breathing

Valerian Side Effect Cautions

Valerian root Valerian root (capsules and valerian tea) are a herbal tranquilizer. That is why dizziness and drowsiness are some of the side effects you can experience. DO NOT drink valerain tea or take capsules and try to operate dangerous equipment, machines, or drive a car.

Valerian root is deemed a safe herb and should be used as directed. Chronic valerian consumption can also result in the side effects noted above to become apparant.

Valerian tea should be consumed on a casual or as needed basis. It is not meant to be taken daily. Use it when you need it and you will typically get great results of the sedative and relaxing qualities that valerian root is known for.

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Valerian Root Tea Recipe

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Valerian root is used to treat insomnia and anxiety and is most useful after taken for a couple weeks before significant results are found. It was originally used to in relation with epilepsy.

Valerian has been used to treat gastrointestinal spasms, epilepsy and ADHD; however, no scientific research supports these uses.

Valerian herb is thought to be desired by rats and has been used to bait rat traps. In some versions of the story, in addition to his flute the Pied Piper of Hamlin used Valerian to attract the rats.

In some cats Valerian has the same effect as Catnip.

Valerian Cautions

Side Effects of Valerian

Valerian root side effects are a concern. Some people may experience the opposite effect when using Valerian and may have headache, agitation and night terrors. These are some of the side effects of valerian. This is a powerful herb and caution with doseages is highly recommended. Start with a very small amount.

Due to lack of study Valerian is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Children under 3 years of age should not be given Valerian.

Valerian should not be used in combination with alcohol or barbiturates.

Do not operate machinery or drive until you know how Valerian affects you.

More about Valerian Tea

We have other articles about the uses and benefits of valerian tea.

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