Use of Senna Tea for weight loss

I have just had a late miscarriage (after 6 months being pregnant with our first child) and I am now left with the obvoius sagging tummy, extra pounds and all that which come as a result of giving birth to a child.

In my desperate attempt to loose the extra pounds and to feel like my nornal self again I have been drinking senna tea every night before going to bed. I wish to continue this for the next month or two or until I get the result I wish for but do not want to jeoperdise my health in doing so.

I started taking the teas( Biguerlai slimming Tea or a chinese version called Dieters Tea) about 2 weeks ago using 1 bag/day for the first week and now increased this to two bags. This increase finds me going to the toilet as often as x4 times per day at times showing watery stool.

All this to ask:
Could I be in danger of overdoing it? Should I reduce the dosage and go back to x1 bag per day and continue on this trend for the next 2-3 months when my husband and I hope to start trying to get pregant again?

Thanks in advance for you patience and assistance


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