Turned a Profit with Your Tea Ideas Above

by Sarah

Here is a story that I thought you might find useful, and I am thankful for the advice you have given on this page.

I work full time, but am having a hard time making ends meet and with Christmas coming, I was looking for ways to earn some extra income.

I made some herbal tea bags using the recipes from your Herbal Tea Recipe Book, and packaged them in tea bags and headed out to our local Christmas Craft fairs. (We have at least one local craft fair every Saturday and Sunday for about 4 weeks before Christmas) - So to date I have attended 6 fairs.

My original investment was your recipe book, $10, about $40 worth of herbs - I tried to pick tea recipes that allowed me to use the same basic herbs, with smaller infusions - and the empty tea bags.

I printed my labels on my computer and was very resourceful with tying things with ribbon ends and yarn that I had at home already.

I package my tea bags in stacks and tie them with like a parcel placing a tag from my computer on the string or ribbon.

To my amazement these sold like hot cakes!! My $60 investment has netted me over $300 in cash before Christmas.

Just wanted to say thanks - and I am going to continue as now people are trying to reorder!

THanks again,


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