The Best Way To Grow Herbal Tea

by Adrian

Tea Question

I want to know how to grow herbal tea for my new meditaion practices, but i can't find anything. please let me know. its usualy what the season is. most of the time.

I notice you live in Sydney - there are lots of herbs that will grow in your region. You first have to determine your garden growing zone - perhaps in the 8-10 range and then choose herbs that are well suited to your region and soil type. Your local garden center, or even a local gardener will be able to help you with this.

Many herbs used to make herbal tea are perennials, so they will come back year after year and you can enjoy larger and larger harvests.

Planting a herbal tea garden is lots of fun, and I am sure you can find many herbs that are suited for your area.

I hope this helped. To get an idea of the types of herbs that are best suited to herbal teas, check out our tea herbs section and you will find some good information along with an A-Z list.


I hope this helps,


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