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Due to huge demand - we are introducing our new line up of teas under our own brand - Texada Island Tea Company. Each of these teas is of the highest quality, organic certified and some are fair trade teas as well. The quality, taste, and freshness are second to none - we guarantee all of our tea blends for freshness and quality.

Each of these teas has been chosen for its superior flavor and quality - you will simply LOVE our teas and tea blends. We offer a 2 ounce package for all of our own teas - this is for one main reason, freshness!! A 2 ounce packet of loose tea will make approximately 30 - 40 cups of tea!!

You do not want to keep much more on hand for an average tea lover. Our quality teas are shipped in resealable 2 ounce bags to ensure they remain fresh once opened.



Our Texada Island Teas will be available for first shipment the week of September 12, 2011 and will be shipped Canada Post - we are accepting pre-orders now. Here is our long awaited introductory tea offering:

Organic Fujian Pear White Tea

An exquisite white tea from the Fujian region of China with pear overtones - simply refreshing and delicious! Read more....
2 Oz Fujian Pear White-$11.75

Organic Blueberry White Tea

Blueberry white tea has never tasted so good!! Simply divine! Read more....
2 Oz Blueberry White-$10.75

Organic Earl Grey Black Tea

Our organic earl grey is full of flavor. The best of the earl's and organic! Read more....
2 Oz Organic Earl Grey -$9.75

Organic Lemon Black Tea

Our organic lemon black tea has nice lemon undertones and is very refreshing and invigorating! Read more....
2 Oz OrganicLemon Black-$9.75

Organic Orange Infused Black Tea

Our orange black tea is sure to please! Exquisite with citrus undertones. Read more....
2 Oz Orange Black-$9.75

Organic Kashmiri Chai Black Tea

Our organic kashmiri chai is full of flavor. The smell and taste is spicy and exotic! Read more....
2 Oz Kashmiri Chai-$11.75

Organic Wu Yi Rock Tea

Lovely Organic Wu Yi Tea - the purported diet tea - a fabulous oolong for any tea lover! Read more....
2 Oz Wu Yi Rock Tea-$11.75

Organic Ginger Sencha Tea

Ginger Sencha - oh so delicious. A true taste and smell sensation! Read more....
2 Oz Ginger Sencha-$9.75

Organic Moroccan Mint Tea

Our organic Moroccan Mint is a treat for the senses - pair with a rich chocolate dessert and you have a winner! Read more....
2 Oz Moroccan Mint - $9.75

Organic Peppermint Tea

Our organic peppermint tea is simply delicious! Pure peppermint to sooth and relax! Read more....
2 Oz Organic Peppermint-$9.75

Organic Fairytale Herbal Tea

This is the stuff sweet dreams are made of - simply beautiful and delicious! Read more....
2 Oz Organic Fairytale-$11.75

Organic Chocolate Rooibos Tea

A true RED CHOCOLATE! Lovely organic chocolate infused rooibos tea. Silky decadence! Read more....
2 Oz Red Chocolate-$9.95

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We have partnered with the best suppliers of many types of tea from around the world as well as suppliers of tea related accessories. Our prices are always up to date and the suppliers are top notch. Your quality is assured. Just choose a catagory, and you will be taken the the Crazy for Tea Shoppe and be able to browse our selections.

We have carefully chosen items of the highest quality to highten your tea drinking experience. We hope you like these items as much as we do.

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