Tea Pot Cake or Tea Party Cake

A great Tea Party Idea!


If you are having a birthday party or tea party, why not make a Tea Pot Cake?

If the thought seems overwhelming - don't let it be! It can actually be very easy to do. Don't feel like making a cake or have no time? Visit our Tea Party Cupcake Decoration Ideas for some tips and ideas.

Here are some tips and instructions on making your own Tea Pot Cake for that special Birthday, Shower, or Tea Party.

Tea Pot Party Cake Recipe

2 Cake mixes of your choice - chocolate, vanilla, lemon etc.2 bundt cake pansone small cake pan - 4"round - optionalmarzipan or fondant - to make your handle, spout, and lid tipRibbonWax PaperIcing and Decorations.

Here is all you need to do! Follow the instructions for your cake mixes using the bundt pans. Bake the cakes and let them cool. If you can spare the mix and have a mini pan, make one little cake for your lid

While the cake is cooling, fashion a tea pot handle, spout and tea pot lid tip out of the marzipan or fondant. You can attach these to your final cake with toothpicks or wooden skewers, broken.

Have fun with this, it may take a couple of tries to get them just right! Be creative.

Building your Tea Pot Party Cake

You will make the pot by placing the two bundt cakes flat sides together to make the main part of your tea pot. Fill the middle layer if you wish. Now insert your handle and your spout using toothpicks to attach, or 3" of a wooden skewer.

You are ready to ice and decorate. For the tea pot lid, use the mini cake or you can also use one of your favorite tea pot lids for the top of your cake!

Tea Party Cake Ideas

This is a great tea-pot cake video of how to put your cake together!

This cake is sure to please any guest and is lots of fun to make.

Tea Party Cake Decorations

We have searched the web and found the best deal on tea party cake decorations.

Tea Party Cake Decorating Kit

Tea Party Decorating KitThis is a great reuseable tea party cake decorating kit from our affiliate, Party Works. What is so nice about this kit is it isn't plastic. The decorations are porcelain! It will ad some class to your tea party table.

Tea Party Cake Decoration Kit
  • 7 Porcelain China Pieces includes:
  • 1 Tea Pot
  • 1 Sugar Bowl
  • 1 Creamer
  • 2 Teacups
  • 2 Saucers

This cake decorating kit is washable, re-usable.Arrange the pieces on top of any shaped frosted cake.The 7-piece Tea Set is made of PORCELAIN and has a flower design on each piece. They are large and after the cake is eaten, this will be a fun play set for any little girl or boy that wants to play restaurant or party. The Tea Pot measures 3 inches wide. Fun toys or collectibles after the cake is served. Incredible value at just $10.29.

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