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Having a Tea Party? - Well then you will be needing Tea Party Invitations!. I have grouped them for you to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

Where I have been able to find them, I have included links that will open in a new window to worth while party invitations that you can download and make on your computer. I have also included some that are worth while to purchase.

To create custom invitations, you will also find our Free Tea Party Clip Art Page very useful.

So here comes the fun part! - Let's start making party invitations.

Bridal Shower Tea-Party Invitations

It is really common to have a tea party for a bridal shower. It would be one of the most common party ideas. An afternoon tea is a great way to spend time with the bride to be.

Bridal Shower Invitations come in many styles and prices. But you can make nice ones on your computer for free!

Bridal Shower Invitation - With A Cake This is a free tea-party invitation that is in an easy to use print and fold format.

Too Neat - E Invite Bridal Shower Tea Party Okay these are too neat, you EMAIL the invitation, no need for posting or printing! These are free tea-party invitations and I just love this option! You can use it for your tea party for those who are computer savy! They can see who is invited, who has accepted and lots more details of the tea party. This one is sure to be a hit. Check it out.

Printable Free Bridal Shower Invitation This one is bridal themed. It is pretty neat! It is a free template for a bridal shower invitation. It can inspire you to create your own free invitation template.

I will add more free invitations for bridal showers with a tea party theme when I find them.... they are not easy to find.

This gives you a few choices to get you going.

Tea Party Invitations

Purchase Party Invitations Impress In Print is a site with tea party custom invitations you can order. They have a really nice selection. Visit them by using the banner above.

Free Tea-Party Invitations This one is a printable download. It is in adobe so you can't edit it without the correct software, but it is just so cute with the Tea Pot & Tea Cup on the Invitation. My suggestion for this one would be to use word to create the invitation wording and print it onto pretty paper, glue it to the inside cover and presto! A custom free tea-party invitation.

Make Your Own Party Invitations!

There is some neat ways to make your own invitations. Expecially with all the crafting supply stores online and in communities. You can really go to town with this. We are putting together a page with tea party clip art to help make your invitation making a little easier. Click Here To Go To Tea Party Clip Art

Buy Tea Party Invitations

Ebay is always a great resource for party planning and your invitations for your tea party can be found at huge discount prices. Below are the Tea Party Themed Invitations being offered right now.


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