Tea Party Decorations


Tea Party Decoration Ideas

Once you have determined the theme of your tea party, it is time to think about the decorations! Tea party party supplies are plentiful on the web and you can really make your event special.

Tea Party Invitations

Tea Party Ideas

Your tea party invitations will be the first glimpse your guests have at what your theme and decorations will be all about. You want to have the tea party invitation match the them, so wether your having an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party or a Garden Tea Party, the first step is to get the invitation right. We have put together a page on tea party invitations that offers free tea party invitations and links to tea party clip art to make you invitations perfect. Another fun thing to do is add sparkles or sprinkles to your mailed invitation, giving it a special touch.

Tea Party Centerpieces

The table top tea party centerpieces are a must and can be a lot of fun to make! Remember your theme here! If you are going with a spring garden tea party, daisies are always a nice touch and can create a beautiful display. If you are doing a childrens tea party, you may want to have a centerpiece that revolves around sweets & treats, like a jar of candy (sealed of course!) or jelly beans with spectacular colors. Balloons tied to a bag of sand in a colourful bag( bean bags work great for this!) are also an excellent touch. One of our favourites is to go to a second hand store and pick up old formal tea cups, you can do this for usually less than a dollar a cup and create the most beautiful mini – flower arrangements right in the cup using florists foam. Mini Roses, daisies and flowers right from the garden are a great choice to keep the costs down.

Tea Party Table Wear

Your table wear really says it all, bring out your prettiest tea party sets for the occasion, if you don’t have enough of one style you can always mix and match. Again second hand stores are great for finding the most beautiful items for a formal tea party that people have just discarded. So, weather it’s a punch bowel, tea pot, or tea party sandwich serving tray, you might just find a buried treasure! A formal tea party of course requires intricate planning. Matching serving where, linen napkins and polished silver are just a few of the items you will need. A grand tea service set can be very expensive, but ask around, you may be able to borrow one for the event.

Tea Party Flowers

There are certain flowers that are associated with tea parties! Roses, Daises and Chrysanthimum are just a few of the common ones. You can also look for pansies – just too cute made into a little posey in a tea cup. A nice touch for your tea party is to keep some of the flowers from your centerpiece arrangements and use them as a garnish on your serving trays. You can preserve the color of your flowers by brushing them with a little egg white and dusting them with sugar. They will just make your tea party a very special event.

A friend of mine also likes to incorporate nasturtiums and pansies right into her tea time salad bowel. It creates a beautiful salad by adding those edible flowers.

Tea Party Napkins

If you tea party is formal, linen napkins are a must, there is just no way around it. But if you are throwing a kids tea party or a less formal event, you can get away with paper napkins. One of the most important things to do is to remember to offer two sizes. This really does make an impression on your guests. There are many tea party napkins suppliers, and you can even pick them up at your local dollar store making them really affordable.

Tea Party Menus

Tea party menus can be elaborate or simple, but a nice touch for tea party decorations is to have the menu posted on your serving table. This is really easy to do. Just create your menu on your computer, or hand write it on some very nice paper and place it in an inexpensive frame. Stand the frame up at the table and wow your guests! They will be very impressed with this little added touch of class. Hopefully you will have a minute during the tea party to watch your guests notice and comment on this very special touch. I recommend using a font or style of writing that matches the event, so script or handwriting for a formal tea party, or kids fond or crayons and colored markers for a kids event. Either way, the menu is important.

Tea Party Activities

There are lots of tea party games and activities you can incorporate into your tea party decorations and themes. Especially if you have a special tea party activity planned like musical chairs. You have to have chairs of course to play the game, and most often people use garden chairs or foldable chairs. Well, decorate them! It will make the tea party game a whole lot more fun. How? Easy, just use rolls of crepe paper, balloons, pretty ribbons, the options are endless. You can really have some fun with this. If you are doing a truth or dare( pre write out your questions to suit your guests), or drawing names type of tea party game, create a spectacular box, decorated in the party theme that contains the items being drawn. Even the little slips of paper can be made special with elaborate paper, and fancy cut trims.

Tea Party Name Tags

This is a neat idea if you have a tea party planned for guests that may not know each other. When making your name tags, use fancy ribbon as the string or holder. You will be amazed at how people will really like this, if your party is for kids, use colourful ribbon or colourful shoe strings (use a pair together) and the kids can take them home.


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