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Are you looking for Tea Party Clip Art, web graphics or free images to make your own party invitations?

Well, we have put together links of web graphics, clip art and free images that will open in seperate windows to make this task a little easier for you.

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Part of the traditional Tea Party Etiquette, is the invitation itself. It sets the whole stage for your event. A well done tea party invitation will excite your invited guests and they will be impressed by the invitation alone.

You may want to visit our Tea Party Invitations Article for some useful tips and links on making your own Tea Party Invitations - put the clip art to work!

Besides, who doesn't love to get an invitation that someone has put effort into? It sure beats the phone call sayine 'hey, come on by we are having an afternoon tea!'.

Tea Party Clip Art Sites

Tea Party Clip Art

Tea Cups Clip Art This one has about 10-15 tea cups & mugs for you to choose from to create your tea party invitations with. You could also use them to create your tea party menu.

Colorful Tea Pot & Tea Cups Clip Art This Tea Party clip art could be used for a theme it is nice and colorful. A little abstract but still a neat choice for a modern tea party.

Brite Purple & Blue Teapot & Cup This is another modern design with brite colors and soft round shapes. A good choice for a childrens tea party clip art.

Tea Party Clip Art

48 Different Colored Tea Cups & Saucers This one can set up your color scheme for almost anything. It would be cute to use in the corner of name cards if you are making them. They could also easily be incorporated into the Tea Party Invitation. I just love that there are 48 colors. Makes it easy to match things up.

Tea Pot Cake Clip Art A really cute royalty free tea pot clip art image. This would look really great on an invitation. It is actually a model clay image with some really great vibrant colors for tea party clip art.

4 Different Tea Pots - Clip Art There are four different tea pots to choose from. The colors are a little bland, but you could incorporate any of these tea pot clip art pics with others to make some cute tea party decorations.

Royalty Free Tea Pot Clip Art There are over 45 images on this royalty free clip art site for tea pots. The one of the tea pot cat is my favorite. Lots to choose from here.

Printable Template for a Garden Tea Party This one is $6.95 to buy, but just so cute, you get a pack of downloads for invitations, name cards, menu paper etc. Really nice for an Afternoon Tea Party.

Flower Clip Art This is some free clip art of garden flowers you can incorporate into your Tea Party Invitation. These could also be printed and used for your decorations.

Clip Art - Alice in Wonderland Tea Party These are clips of Alice to use for your Alice in Wonderland Tea Party!

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  • Kids Tea Party Game Ideas Some great tips for hosting the perfect kids tea party and some game ideas for you to try.
  • Tea Pot Cake Recipe This is a great "How To" on creating a cake that looks like a tea pot. It will be the talk of your next gathering. These cakes not only look good, but taste good too!
  • Tea Party Cupcakes These are sure to be a hit. The cute toppers will just polish off your cupcakes and make your tea party menu the talk of the town.
  • iCLIPART.com

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    If you want to skip making your own tea party invitations and are looking for a great resource to buy your invitations, Party Works has the best prices on the web. To visit their site and browse the different party invitations and decorations click their banner below. You will be amazed how great their prices are and they offer Free Shipping. You can also visit our Tea Party Invitations section for more ideas and more great deals for invitations from Ebay.

    The Party Works

    I hope your find these web graphics, clip art, and free image sites useful in making your invitations. We always like to hear from our readers, so please let us know if these resources helped to make your tea party invitations special.


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