Tea Parties for Kids

Kids Birthday Tea Party


Tea Parties for kids birthdays and younger children can take on many themes. There are just tons of spins that you can put on your childrens tea party to make it a special event.

Choose a Tea Party Theme

Tea Parties aren't just for girls! Boys can have a tea party themed birthday party too! We have put togehter some ideas that may spark an interest for your next kids tea party.

Tea Parties for Kids

Tea Parties for Kids

  • Pirate Tea Party
  • Boston Tea Party for Kids
  • Tonka Toy Tea Party
  • Ninja Tea Party
  • Costume Tea Party
  • Princess Tea Party
  • Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
  • Circus Tea Party
  • Fairy Tea Party

.... and just about any other theme you can think of! Tea Parties are alot of fun for kids and make an excellent birthday party theme.

You can have them outside, you can play tons of games, crafts are easy to incorporate and pinata's are always a hit at kids tea parties.

A nice patch of green grass, some excellent tea party decorations, a big bowl of punch and lots of finger food, and your tea party is on it's way.

Planning your Kids Tea Party

When you are planning the tea party, there are a few things to keep in mind. The number of kids, their ages, their interests and the duration of the party all come into play.

Let's say you decide on a Pirate Tea Party, you can have the kids make pirate hats and decorate them, have a scavenger hunt, get a great pirate themed pinata... let your imagination run wild and the kids will have a great time.

If you have a little pricess or fairy lover, make wings, dress-up in fairy costumes, have a fairy bubble blowing contest, play pin the wings on the fairy... see just think about your theme and you are sure to come up with tons of ideas.

Part of what makes a tea party special is the magic of the tea party. Little tables with colored juice or punch for tea, the kids pouring their own out of tea pots, and the games.

Be ready for a bit of a mess, you will have a tea pot spill, and food on the grass, but the kids will have a great time. If you live in an apartment or have no grass, a local park is a great place for your tea party. Just remember to bring lots of garbage bags to clean up the mess.

Helium balloons, streamers, glitter on the tables and little tea party centerpieces can really make your kids next tea party stand out.

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So get creative and have some fun. A tea party can be for just about any kid.


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