Tea Leaf Reading


Tea Leaf Reading has been around for thousands of years. Tasseography is the term used for the art of leaf readings. Reading Tea Leaves is a form of fortune telling and a most interesting hobby for some.

In the Middle East, tradition is to also read coffee grounds to tell ones fortune and future.

Tea Leaf Reading

When we think of having our tea leaves read and Fortune Tellers we think of Gypsy's the history and tradition of leaf reading can be found in Asian cultures, through out the Middle East and in Ancient Greece.

Reading tea leaves is actually an art. The tea leaves form patterns and symbols in the small traditional cups and the tea leaf reader interprets the symbols and formations of the tea leaves and coffee grounds. How To Read Tea Leaves is an art, and takes much practice. We also recommend that you invest in the inexpensive Tea Cup Reading: A Quick and Easy Guide to Tasseography book. This is a really great guide to Tasseography.

The cups used to read tea leaves are traditionally white inside, allowing for a couple things to occur.

  • Contrast between the tea leaf and the cup
  • Symbols created on the white are positive
  • Symbols created on by the tea are negative

Tea Leaf Symbols

As noted above, there are two sets of symbols within the cup for the tea leaf reader to work with. The symbols that they see as an image in white are positive and good in relation to the meaning of the symbole. While the symbols that the see made out of the tea leaves or coffee grounds themselves are negative or bad in relation to the meaning of the symbol.

Lets look at an example.

You are reading the tea leaves and looking at the white spaces. You see an image of an envelope which has the meaning of 'message'. If the image is shown in white, it will be a good message, if the image is shown made of the leaves or grounds, it will be a bad message.

Reading Tea Leaves - Symbol Meanings

There are literally 1000's of symbols and pictures that can be seen by the fortune teller or the tea leaf reader.

Each symbol has a meaning, and if you familiarize yourself with the symbols, you can have some fun learning to read tea leaves with your friends and family.

There are some excellent websites out there with lists of tea leaf symbols and their meanings and we also have one of our own!. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Serena's Guide to Fortune Telling
  • - This site has tons of symbols and they are alphabetical and the site is easy to navigate.
  • Tasseography
  • - Another great list of Tea Leaf Symbols and their possible meanings.

    Visit our Tea Leaf Symbols Page for a list of common tea leaf symbols and their meanings.

    Reading Tea Leaves and Fortune Telling go hand in hand for 1000's of years and can be an interesting experience. I hope that you enjoyed this information and check back often as we continue to update our resources and information.


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