Tea Herbs

Herbal Tea - Herbs for Making Tea

Tea herbs are an exciting way to spice up any cup of tea. You can add herbs to green tea, white tea, black tea... you get the idea. You can also blend herbs together to create custom and gourment tea blends.

It is a fascinating art to be able to custom blend a herbal tea and use them for herbal remedies and natural or homeopathic remedies.

We have a great resource we put together listing over 100 herbs that are all used to treat different conditions and ailments and enhance the flavor of any cup of tea.

Favorite Herbs for Tea

I have some personal favorites when it comes to herbal tea. Peppermint, ginger for a little bite and pick me up, and chamomile to sooth away the days stress. But there are 100's of herbs you can use to make herbal tea. Here is our herb data base where you will find all kinds of information about the different herbs used for tea and a recipe for each one.

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Tea Herbs

Herbs like lavender, basil, rosemary, and calendula or marigold can be grown in most gardens or a patio pot. If you do a little research, you can create a unique and inspiring tea garden for yourself.

Peppermint and spearmint are excellent herbal teas, and easily grown in a pot and placed in the sun. You can also forage for wildcrafted (grown in the wild) herbs that make wonderful teas. Dandelions, red clover blossom and stinging nettle all come to mind when I am taking a walk and I often come home with some wonderful herbal tea ingredients.

All around us are these magnificent herbs that can easily and quickly be made into a herbal tea or herbal rememdy. It is easy in todays busy world to loose track and forget that some of the most nutritious and beneficial things from our body can be ingested with incorporating herbs into our diets and tea.

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We have a great herb supplier for buying wholesale herbal tea below. You can serve up herbal tea for just pennies a cup and enjoy huge profits. Our Tea Recipe Book will give you recipes of over 80 custom blend herbal teas to get you going.

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This e-book is highly recommended if you are serious about making money with herbal tea. There are over 80 recipes not listed on our site and these are custom blends that you can offer as your own Signature Series. This e-book will make you tons of money in herbal tea sales.

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We have sources the very best supplier of herbs for teas and herbal remedies. A very important factor in buying your herbs is that they are organic and you know the source. Mountain Rose Herbs not only certifies their herbs organic, but advises you of the region of origin. They also have small to bulk quantities available, and you can enjoy better than wholesale pricing on bulk orders. They offer 100's of herbs to choose from. Follow their banner to view their site.

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