Tea Cleanse

All about cleansing tea!

Many people are looking for ways to cleanse their systeam and a tea cleanse is often on of the most common choices.

There are many herbs that historically have been used as cleansing tea, detox tea and there are some that are specific colon cleanse tea.

This article will discuss some of the options that are avaialable when looking for a cleansing tea or detox tea to rid your body of build up of unwanted items that occur because of our environment, processed food and chemicals.

Colon Cleansing Tea

cleansing tea

Regardless of how hard we try to eat healthy and steer clear of things that are bad for us, there is always a certain percentage of toxic type substance that enters our body and often makes its home in our colon. Colon cancer has become more common, and personally, I think it is these toxins that are being stored in our colon that are responsible.

All of us, regardless of how healthy we think we may be, need to do a colon cleanse to get this stuff out of us. Once you have done a colon cleanse, you will be astonished at how you feel:

  • Increased Energy
  • Healthy Feeling
  • Over all sense of Well Being
  • Sleep less but better
  • Chronic illness may disappear

These are some of the things a colon cleansing tea can do for us. No easy task, you have to stick with it and remember that you are purging years of build up and toxins from the body. One of the most effective, most popular colon cleansing teas is the Master Cleanse, this is a traditional lemonade tea cleanse that is one of the best. I highly recommend this product and have done this tea cleanse myself, and yes, my colon thanked me!

More Colon Cleansing Teas

There are other less strict cleansing tea programs, however I have found them to be less effective than the Lemonade Cleanse, but still useful. Here are a few.

Senna - Cleansing Tea

Senna is often used as a laxative tea, cleansing tea, and detox tea as it gets things in your colon and digestive tract moving that have sat there for years. Literally stuck. Senna is a very powerful herb, and you should not use it as a cleansing tea if you are not going to be at home. (Quick access to a bathroom is a must). You can read more about senna cleansing tea here.

Yogi Detox - Cleansing Tea

Yogi detox tea is also a tea cleanse and is one of the more popular commercial teas that purge unwanted toxins from our bodies, helping us to purify and feel more energy. If you are looking for a mild starter cleanse, Yogi Detox Tea might be just the thing to start with. Here are some of the best internet deals for buying Yogi Detox Tea.

Dandelion Cleansing Tea

Dandelion Tea is another great natural cleansing tea. This one is really easy to prepare and mild to medium effects can be realized without any harm to your body. Dandelion cleanse and detox is safe and effective for removing unwanted toxins from our digestive system and colon.

Where to Buy Cleansing Herbs

Getting certified organic herbs is very important when blending or infusing any type of herbal tea. Our preferred supplier is Mountain Rose Herbs, they have excellent product. Available in many sizes from small packets to herbs in bulk. Follow the banner to visit their site.

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