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Welcome to our tea chocolate article. This article is about chocolate more than teas - but the theme is chocolates made to incorporate a variety of different types of tea.

Tea as an ingredient in chocolate, candy, biscuits, cookies etc is becoming more and more popular. You can find rooibos tea infused choclates and confections, along with green tea and black tea. Now we are seeing white chocolate / white tea combinations enter the market place as well.

Tea leaves by virtue of the leaf, are a little bitter when eaten, so they lend themselves to a variety of chocolates that are a little sweeter. There are so many combinations you can make at home, and more and more types of tea chocolates are showing up in specialty tea and candy shops - virtually creating a new niche within the chocolate industry and the tea industry. I predict that tea infused chocolates and sweets will continue to be introduced to the market place at a rapid rate over the next few years, and those entering the market place now, could potentially have a terrific product in the market place as consumer awareness continues to grow around these specialty chocolates.

Being promoted as a 'healthy chocolate' you can find tea infused chocolate bars, which were one of the first items to market. There are a variety of flavors available and the Tea Room has the largest variety of tea infused chocolate bars available. You can purchase these specialty chocolate bars by clicking the tea infused chocolate bars on your right.

Tea Chocolates Available

Other than the chocolate bars shown above, there are many other items that are considered tea chocolates, or tea confections in the market place. As I mentioned above, I think this segment of the tea market is going to grow at a rapid rate.

Tea Infused Confections

There is even further selection if you expand into a variety of confections that contain different types of tea. Hard candy, pretzel/cookie sticks, and more are now found in local stores, shops and online. Candy.com has a nice selection. When you visit, just search the word 'tea' and there are lots of choices that come back, including green tea latte hard candies, apricot green tea gummies, chai tea chocolate bars, and the best assortment of teaspoons with honey, sugars and flavors.
This site is lots of fun and you can get really creative. There is even a lollipop mold shaped like a tea pot to use for creating your own tea infused chocolates and hard candies. They also have a great selection of chocolate bars infused with tea.

Hard candy lends itself well to a tea infusion. You simply replace the liquid with a strong tea. Bergamot infused or earl gray teas are terrific with an elderberry juice turned into a hard candy such as rock candy, or single serve hard candy. This is one of my favorite.

If you are a candy maker - you can have some fun with this line of products. I have made different types of candy and confection over the years, and decided to test out my theories and got busy replacing liquids with strong brewed teas of different varieties.

I made a lovely mango rooibos hard candy - black tea licorice - vanilla rooibos marshmallows - and the blackcurrant & tea flavored rock candy.

It made for a great afternoon - and some amazing candies and confections when I was done.

I will update this page with some recipes when I get a few minutes. In the meantime, I urge you to just get creative and the one tip I can offer is brew the tea strong. Double / triple steep to make sure the flavor comes out in the candy.

Have fun and thanks for stopping by.

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