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Here is a list, in alphabetical order to make it easy for you to find the tea articles on this site.

Crazy For Tea Articles

Arizona Tea
My views on Arizona tea and why I think it's horrible for you.

Alfalfa Herbal Tea
Learn about the "thoroughbred" herb

Green Tea Extract
If you don't like green tea, green tea extract is a perfect substitute!

Black Tea
Although not as popular as green tea, black tea still tastes great!

Caffeine Contents In Tea
Confused about caffeine? This contains all your answers!

Chamomile Tea
Learn about the "all around comforter"

Valerian Root Side Effects
Learn about valerian side effects and allergies.

Chamomile Tea as a Sleep Aid
Find out how Chamomile Tea can help you achieve a perfect nights sleep.

Chinese Gong Fu Tea Ceremony
This is a great ceremony!

Crazy For Tea Blog
Check out my blog and stay current with tea

Decaffeinating Your Tea
Learn how to take the caffeine out of your tea

Essiac Tea
Learn about this wonderful tea mix and how it can improve your health

Facts About Tea
Are The Facts About Tea Really Facts, Or Just Opinions?

Free Radicals
Free radicals are the enemy..see why!

Green Tea and Pregnancy
Worried about drinking green tea when your pregnant? This contains all your answers

Green Tea Weight Loss Patch
Find out how the Green Tea Weight Loss Patch works and how it can help you with your diet.

Green Tea and Pregnancy
Must read article for pregnant women who love green tea.

Green Tea And It's Fluoride Contents
See why you shouldn't worry about fluoride being in tea

Green Tea
The world's most famous tea - See why it's so popular

Health Benefits of Black Tea
An article containing the health benefits of incorporating a couple of cups of black tea to your diet.

Herbal Tea
A page containing dozens of various herbs and their benefits

History of Tea
How did the culture of drinking tea start? Find out

Iced Green Tea Recipes
Great recipes for the summertime

Long Island Iced Tea Recipes
Although alcoholic, these long island iced tea recipes taste just like regular iced tea!

Japanese Tea Ceremony
Find out how this Tea Ceremony is performed in the traditional manner.

Kids Tea Sets
My little spin on kids tea sets and why they're great.

Herbs for Menopause
A great article on herbal remedies for relief from menopause symptoms.

Okinawan Tea
The Okinawan's sure show us a thing or 2 about health!

Oolong Tea
A mix between black and green tea, see why oolong tea is becoming very popular with dieting

Organic Kombucha Tea
Find out what this very unique tea can do for you!

Making Organic Kombucha Tea
Read this before trying to make your own organic kombucha tea.

Rooibos Tea
The tea that's not real tea, but still tastes great!

Tea Bags
See how tea bags originated and why I'm not a fan of them

Tea Ceremonies
More of the world needs to start doing tea ceremonies

Tea Guide For Beginners
A great beginners guide to tea to help you figure it all out!

Tea Party Games
Wondering what tea party games to choose? This page will help you out!

Tea Party Ideas
A great page to look at if you're going to throw a tea party!

Tea Wedding Favors
Save money and impress your guests by giving tea wedding favors!

White Tea
The new up and coming type of tea that is gaining popularity very quickly

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