Tea tasting different in different containers

by John
(Canberra, ACT, Australia)

Hi recently i have got into having dandelion tea but have noticed that when i drink it from a paper cup it tastes sweeter than when i drink it from my plastic thermos mug. I am wondering why that would be and whether it is only occurs with certain types of tea.

If i transfer the tea from my paper cup to my plastic mug I notice a taste difference immediately.

I have thought about leaching of the plastic molecules from the paper cup (I understand paper cups actually have a plastic coating inside for strength), but surely when i tip the tea into my plastic cup, if the taste was due to leaching, i would still get that sweet taste but it vanishes. I also wondered, if it could in part, be related to the smell and aroma you get if the tea is consumed in a paper vs a plastic cup.

what do you think?

I think its the plastic cup you transfer to. If you have ever had any other type of beverage in this tea cup like coffee or hot chocolate it will be changing the taste of your tea. Plastic holds flavors - so any other type of tea will also change the taste.

I never drink tea from plastic - try a ceramic, glass or clay cup, and only use it for your tea.

Good Luck

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