Tea Sandwich Recipes

Tea sandwich recipes are something that are falling a bit out of your everyday cookbooks and recipe finders. These little sandwiches are usually everyones favourite at an afternoon tea or social.

They are relatively easy to make, but do require planning and time. Planning and time are something most people fall short with these days, and often our afternoon gatherings offer sandwiches supplied by a local deli or grocer simply due to lack of time to make tea sandwiches from scratch.

How to Make Tea Sandwiches

We have put together a section to help you with the basics of making these special little treats for your next social occasion. Visit our Tea Party Sandwiches Tips for some tips and tricks to make your sandwiches just right.

You can also make simple two layer sandwiches and use cookie cutters to have theme party sandwiches In many shapes and styles. You are only limited to the cookie cutters you can find. Your local cooking shop will usually stock tons to choose from.

A good relationship with your local baker can help too! You can pre order your sandwich bread, sliced longways, and colored to match the theme of your party. So if you are having a girls baby shower, maybe pink sandwiches would be appropriate!!

How to Choose Tea Sandwich Bread

Get creative in the types of bread you order! You can order dark rye or sourdough and any other type of bread In between. Imagine a tray of party sandwiches dark brown, pink, and white! Your guests will be impressed.

How to Choose Party Sandwich Fillings

You will want to offer something for all of your guests to enjoy. Tea sandwich fillings are very important. You may have vegetarians, and a cucumber cream cheese filling would be appropriate. Meats are often of the spread variety, and nothing beats devilled ham and gherkin pickles. Too yummy!! If kids are going to be in attendance, you can use traditional peanut butter and jam! For tea sandwich filling ideas, visit our Tea Sandwich Filling Recipes and choose some of the great tea sandwich recipes there.


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