Why Your Need Tea Party Invitations

Tea party invitations are essential if you want to keep the classic "tea party" theme.

They will add class and let your guests know that you have a great party in store for them.

There are dozens of online companies that can help you choose what theme you'd like for your tea party invitation, and the best part is that they're cheap!

Think about this. When you go into a restaurant the first person you meet is usually the front desk and the hostesses. What happens to you if they're in a bad mood? It gets you in a bad mood too!

But what happens when they're especially nice to you and treat you like a valued customer? You feel great!

The same rule applies with party invitations. You can use special, creative invitations to increase the amount of visitors that come to the party.

Let's compare these 2 scenarios:

  • Scenario 1 - a person opens up a plain invitation that says "will you come to my tea party"? Boring! Chances are they'll just throw it away and never give it another thought.

  • Scenario 2 - the same person opens up a gorgeous party invitation that visually appeals to them. This excites them and they think "Hey, if the invitation is this great, I bet the party will be just as good! This person would probably end up going to the party. At minimum, they'd at least give it a thought!

Homemade Tea Party Invitations

Are you an arts & crafts person or simply don't have the money to spend on invitations? You can always opt to make them yourself.

Making your own invitations will definitely show the person you're sending it to that you're serious about this party and that you've put a lot of thought and time into creating it.

Visit our Tea Party Clip Art Page for free images and free clip art to make your invitations really special.

It can also be a very fun thing to do if you're into creating things from scratch. You can go to Make Tea Party Invitations for tips on how to make your own.

General Invitation Ideas

You're going to want your invitations that match the rest of your theme. If you have a "flower" theme, get some invitations that have a picture of a cup of tea with a flower in it for example.

Along the same lines, you should try to make the colors of the theme match as well. If you send out dark blue tea invitations but the theme color is red, that's simply going to look weird!

You should always keep your guest in mind. Don't make your tea party invitations so complicated that it takes more than a split second to figure out what's going on. Give it the 5 year old test (or the earliest age at which the child can read). Give the invitation to the youngest child you know that can read and have them tell you exactly what it means. If they don't know, change the layout around until they can figure it out.

Last but not least, be sure to have fun creating or purchasing your party invitations and try to be as creative as possible. The more interesting the invitation is, the more visitors you'll receive!

Buy Invitations for Tea Parties


Impress Inprint has some awesome tea party theme invitations, you can visit them by following their banner above.

Ebay auctions are a great place to pick up inexpensive and glamorous invitations for your next tea party. Childrens Tea Party Theme Invitations, and Adult Tea Party Theme Invitations are always being offered for sale. Here is what is being auctioned right now.


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