Fun Tea Party Ideas

Tea-Party Ideas for Adults & Children

Until recently, great tea party ideas were few and far in between. Unless you had an amazing imagination, there was hardly anything to do. Well not anymore!

Now there are dozens of tea-party ideas that people have come up with, so the options are limitless! There are dozens of options for each step of the party. The hardest part will probably be making up your mind on everything!

If you're looking to have a great time for a special occasion, here are some of the best tea-party ideas out there.

To start off, you're going to want to figure out what kind of theme you'd like to have. Here are a few tea party themes you can choose from:

You'll obviously want to find a place that carries the accessories to compliment whatever theme you choose. Which leads us to your next step - supplies:

Supplies you'll need for your child's or adult tea party:

Tea Party Cupcake Picks - Decorations - These are so cute, and a must have at just $2.98 includes free confetti and 9 cupcake toppers in the shape of Tea Pots.

Tea Party Invitations - In order to get visitors to your tea party, you'll obviously need some tea party invitations so they know when and where to go!

Dress-Up Clothes - Children definitely love to dress up, so this may be a valuable part of the party. You can either ask the other children to come dressed up already, or go to any kind of local discount store and get some cheap dress-up clothes for them to wear!

Tea Party Centerpieces - You can create some really magical tea party table centerpieces with a little imagination!

Plastic Tea Sets - This is another thing that has changed much recently. There are hundreds of different styles of tea sets you can get for your child that should compliment whatever theme you choose. You might need to shop around a bit, but I'm sure you'll find a great complimentary plastic tea set for the party!

tea party games

Food and Drinks - This is the most important step and is very easy to pick out. For food you should probably get things like small tea sandwiches, cookies, cakes, and scones. Although you can, it's probably best not to opt for things that are large and/or messy.

Tea is obviously something you need, and for this I would suggest going for tea that isn't "real" tea but rather herbal teas or something on the fruity side. Get a few different flavors so they can try out various kinds, which you can actually make into a separate tea party game!

Make A Tea Pot Cake!

A Great Tea Party Idea!

Making a Tea Pot cake is not that hard to do! We have instructions on making your own tea party cake by clicking here.

Tea Party Games - If you want your child to have an excellent tea party where everyone has fun, you should have some great tea party games!

A Few Tea Party Games To Choose From:

  • Dressing Up (as mentioned earlier)
  • Guessing Games
  • Face Painting (you can draw tea cups!)
  • Pinatas
  • Hiring a clown, magician, etc.
  • Songs (i.e. "I'm A Little Teapot">
  • Fashion Shows (but make sure everyone is a winner)
  • The sky is the limit!

There are hundreds of different tea party ideas available to you, all you have to do is be a little creative and shop around! Just remember to always keep the kids in mind when purchasing items for the tea party, and to have fun!


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