Tea Party Games Are What Makes Or Breaks A Tea Party


Tea party games are essentially what makes a tea party a great one. You can do everything right and have great tea party invitations, dress the children in fancy costumes, and do all that fun stuff.

However we all know that children love to play games, so if you don't supply them with a multitude of great tea party games they're sure to get bored and want to go home!

If you want your party to be a success, it's going to be imperative that you plan in advance and shop around to find the most suitable tea party games for whatever tea party theme you're thinking of having.

There are many types of tea party games you can choose from, including arrival activities, arts and crafts, group activities, hired entertainment, letting them play freely, and things to do as the party comes to an end.

To make it easy I'll give you a little outline from beginning to end.

Arrival Activities

Upon arriving, you can have a name tag waiting for the children. Give them the name tag and supply them with crayons, markers, or anything else that might make the name tag a bit more "colorful".

tea party games jar of candy

You can also place a clear jar filled with some type of candy (gum balls, tootsie rolls, skittles, bags of tea, etc.) and have them guess how many are in there. At the end whoever was closest gets to take it home!

If the tea party is for a special event like a birthday, you can have all the children sign a giant, colorful card.

Another great idea is to run a movie in the background that you think most of the kids would enjoy. Alice in Wonderland might be a great choice for that.

Arts and Crafts

When buying supplies for arts and crafts you should keep a few things in mind.

  1. They should be easy to complete
  2. No glue
  3. Don't use things that will permanently stain clothes
  4. If using scissors, make sure someone is keeping a close eye

child face painting tea party

Some arts and crafts tea party games can include regular old coloring pages, sand painting, baking cookies (get the pre-made ones), building things out of clay, ceramics, making bookmarks, making jewelry out of beads, making designs out of tea leaves, face painting, making paper airplanes, or finger painting depending on the age of the children. You have so many options to choose from!

Hired Entertainment

If you really want to have a successful tea party, consider hiring some entertainment to take care of the children. These range from clowns, jugglers, stilt-walkers, magicians, or even mimes! They will take care of many of the tea party games themselves, so you can take a break! This is a great way to spice up the party and give your children an unforgettable tea party.

You should make sure the entertainers are great with children, and be aware that they will probably be the most expensive part of developing the tea party games. If you are tight on money, you can always just ask a friend or relative to be the entertainment!

tea party games finger painting

Free Play Tea Party Games

For this time in the party (whenever you feel free play would be the best) you can pretty much have them do whatever they want. Bring out some of your child's toys that he agrees to let everyone play with, and just have fun! They can swing on swing sets, play in the tree house, pull each other around in a wagon, or whatever other resources they can use to have fun with.

At The End

In closing, the wrap-up activities should be things that aren't going to make a big mess and start to calm the kids down from all the fun they've just had.

You can lead the children on a hunt to find their party favors. You can set this up just like an easter egg hunt or you can give them all clues as to where their bag might be.

If it's a birthday party you can decide whether or not you want the birthday boy/girl to open up their presents in front of someone else or if you'd rather have them do it at a later time.

Finally, make sure to get everyone together and announce the winner of the "how many are in the jar" contest!

After this you can let the children gather around a table and have their own little tea party until their parents come to pick them up. They can drink tea, eat crumpets, and pretend their part of the royal family!

Tea party games are probably the most important aspect of having a great tea party. I would suggest talking to the parents to get a general consensus of what kinds of activities the children like so you can make it a tea party they won't forget. If the children that will be attending like to drink tea, you can push the "tea" aspect of the party. We all want them to be future tea drinkers!

Above all else, make sure the children have the best time possible. If they don't like one of the games, see if you can help them think of one on their own to get them more involved! Then to make them feel better you can tell all the other children want a wonderful tea party game idea they came up with.

For more information on tea parties, please visit my page on tea party ideas.


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