Tea Can't Do Everything For Your Health


As most people know, tea has the potential to possible cure or prevent many It seems like in today's world everybody wants the "instant cure". Fortunately, in most cases there is no such thing. I say this is fortunate because if there was something you could do to eliminate every problem you had, there would be nothing in life to look forward to.

I don't know if it's just me, but I enjoy challenges. I enjoy the challenge of working hard to accomplish something. Whether it's getting to a certain weight, lifting a certain amount, or getting a certain GPA in school, I enjoy the fact that I need to work to get it.

In the health world especially, people would like to think that if they do 1 thing, every problem they have will be fixed. This is 1 reason why there is mixed reviews on this amazing drink. It is one natural way of helping alleviate a plethora of problems within your body, but it takes time. You can't drink it for 1 day and expect to be cured.

Studies On The Health Benefits of Tea

Some people read studies this powerful drink and notice that there are mixed results, therefore shying away because they think it won't work. In my opinion, they are shying away because it's not a miracle cure.

For some people, the greens(or any other type) produces extraordinary results. For others, it produces only moderate results. For people who participate in studies that have to do with health, it is extremely hard to say that anything causes something else because there are just way too many variables involved.

If a person doesn't recover from cancer after drinking a few cups, it may have to do more with the fact that they didn't take care of their body. It may also be that the cancer was just too widespread for the antioxidants to have a major effect.

There is no "magic" cure for anything. Although I believe drinking a few cups is one of the best ways to prevent illnesses, there are still other factors involved as well. You can't treat your body like it's meaningless, drink some tea everyday, and expect to be perfectly healthy. It goes a very long way in protecting and healing your body, but you must take care of it between your cups of this delightful beverage.

Taking care of your body should be your #1 priority. Not money, not social things or worrying about what you have to do next week. Have a few cups of this wonderful beverage everyday and watch your energy levels soar, mental clarity enhance, and see yourself getting sick much less often.

You can also find a bunch of great general wellness tips at this website designed for women 40 yrs plus.


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