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I am having a large groupover for tea, offering about 5 different options. Are they any type of markers than can be place on tea pot to show type of tea? Preferably something made of paper.

Thank you

Well, I don't know of any premade tea markers like the ones you describe - but you could get really creative if you own a computer and a printer - other wise you can always do them by hand.

You could choose some tea party clip art and print it onto some card stock. Then you could write in elegant handwriting or print - or use your computer - to write the name of the tea in the pot. A simple hole punch and some raffia or nice ribbon and you can tie the tea card to the top of the tea pot!!

This is a great tea party idea - and whatever you decide to do, please take a picture and come back and post it so we can see how you made out.


I hope this helps,


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