TEA is it safe and are all kind good for you

by Cinnamon
(Gurnee, IL.)

I drink tea alot and I purchase all kinds, I like chai tea's, black tea's, white tea's, and even green tea's which I think are a bit overrated at times. But for me I like the flavor of a good tea and I would love to know some of the best brands that you can buy at the grocery store not brands that are unusual or hard to find but regular brands like Bigeolow that are really good for what they put in them which are all natural no chemicals used or garbage in them.

Also I tend to let my tea bag just sit in my cup, I never take it out is this okay or am I causing myself harm by doing this, anyone know?

Yes it makes it stronger and I like that at times but for a robust tea sometimes you have to really let it seap a bit.


I also love loose tea's especially middle eastern tea and I'm looking for a tea pot made for loose tea any sugestions?

Thank you so much for your time!

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