tea for miscarriage

by Karla Blackmore
(Framingham MA)

Tea Question

I was told to drink all these teas there is spearmint, nettle leaf, hops, and raspberry leaf. It's alot of tea to drink if ya drink them seperate so i've been mixing them all together it tastes way better and it's quicker. Is that a bad mixture??

First - I do not recommend attemting to have a miscarriage by drinking herbal tea. If you choose to terminate a pregnancy, you need to do so with the guidance of a medical practitioner. Second, the herbal teas you refer to above are all womens herbs - none of them are going to assist you with a miscarriage. If you read about each of these herbs from our herb list section you will see they all support womens body functions. It is okay to mix most herbs, but if you are in doubt - you need to seek out a herbalist or medical doctor to assist you.

I hope this helps and you get some medical support for your situation.

Kind Regards,

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