Tea for Inflammation - Inflammation Reducing Tea

by susan
(toronto,ontario canads)

Inflammation Reducing Tea Question

Instead of mixing things, (several different herbs) together to make an inflammation reducing tea, is there one tea I can buy that helps lower inflamation and pain especially in the knees?

I am suffering alot.


There are several herbs as you mention, but you can choose to make a nice herbal tea out of just one of them and you will get relief. You may want to try several of them at different times to see which works best for you.

However, I would try one type of tea for two or three days prior to switching to see the effect of the herb on your pain and swelling.

Here are the top inflammation herbs to use for tea. Aloe Vera, Echinacia, Licorice.... but there are more!!

You can read about inflammation reducing tea on our Herbal to to Reduce Inflammation.

I hope this helps and you find some relief.

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