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Tea is an ancient herbal which is well-known for the skin beneficial. I get new information. I really like it.
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A Tea That Enhances Your Looks
by: Kezia Sze

I have a tea that enhances your looks fro my ebook.

It's Chinese Red Dates and Wolfberry Tea. You may add some rock sugar/candy if you like.

This tea brightens your complexion and adds a healthy red to your lips.

Green Tea for Improved Complexion & Skin
by: azcarey

Green tea does contain antioxidants which slow down the oxidation and damage of skin cells. It also anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, making it a good choice for acne. The bitter tannins in green tea make it an astringent which helps to close pores and keep dirt out.

I've noticed for myself that drinking two cups a day on a regular basis has improved the smoothness of my skin, and most authorities suggest drinking the tea is the best way to get its benefits.

When buying green tea skin care products, look on the label for camellia sinensis, the latin name of green tea. I've been compiling information on the use of green tea in skin care on my site Hope this helps!

Green Tea for Complexion & Acne
by: Anonymous

I have heard that green tea will improve your complexion and reduce acne. I am not sure that it matters what type of green tea that you use, but maybe someone else can comment on that.

One friend of mine had great results just from drinking green tea, so I gave it a try and neither my complexion or my acne improved, but when I started to use the green tea like a toner on a cotton ball I got great results.

My skin improved right away! So you may want to try drinking it and putting it on your skin.

I guess that is why there are so many cosmetic companies making cosmetics with green tea.

Good Luck, hope it works for you.

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