Tea Diet & Acacia Berry

by sandra
(san juan, Texas, united states)



Acai Berry Tea Question

Does any body know how diet tea and acacia berry work? Will they work together?

Acai Berry Tea and Diet Tea should be used with great caution. Both are weight loss stimulants and depending on what type of diet tea you choose, they can be really hard on the digestive system. You would not want to use a laxative tea and acai berry tea together. (You will never leave the bathroom!)

The acai berry tea increases your metabolism as do many of the green teas used for dieting like WuYi and Oolong.

These are all stimulants and you could get the shakes or become very nervous and on edge if you use too much of these together.

So moderation is the key with any diet tea or weight loss product along with excercise and a sensible diet.

If you do this you should see great results.

Hope this helps,

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