Tea Cultivation - How To?

by Ian

Tea Question

Is there any other variations of growing tea? Do you NEED to grow a camellia sinensis plant to make your own tea?

Yes, you need to grow a camellia sinensis plant to grow and make your own tea.

This is true if you want to cultivate white tea - the first tea leaves to emerge with fuzzy white hairs - only once a season, or green tea and black tea, which are both made from mature tea leaves, some are shade grown producing a different flavor.

The difference between white, green, and black tea is all in the drying and oxidizing process along with the age of the camellia sinensis leaf at the time it is picked.

Herbal teas on the otherhand can be made from many different herbal plants that we can grow in our gardens depending on you zone.

You will be able to find many hardy herbs that you can grown easily to make your own tea.

Hope this helps,

I hope this helps,


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