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Does black or green tea help with ADD? (Attention Deficit Disorder)?

Well tea has high caffeine content unless you are drinking decaffeinated type of green and black tea. It will affect someone with ADD then same as drinking coffee or high content caffeine drinks....

From what I have read - and this is not a 'fact' - it seems that caffeine can actually 'slow down' or 'calm' someone suffering add, and in some cases, people have stated that drinking a caffeine based drink will put them to sleep and allow them to rest.

While for those who do not have add or adhd, caffeine is a stimulant, but it appears it may have the opposite effect on add and adhd patients.

You could try a cup and see what affect it has, tea is a safe drink over all (unless you have been told to not drink caffeine).

I hope this helps, and if it does, please come back and let us know.

Good Luck.


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